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Apr 11, 2021

Emma Louise Tully was raised in the small village of Newtowncunningham in County Donegal, Ireland. While growing up, Emma faced unexpected challenges as she embarked on a journey with the paranormal. It all began when her parents fell in love with a dilapidated Georgian mansion. The family took on an immense project of renovation and spent most of their life savings bringing this former Church of Ireland rectory back to its former glory. When finally moving into their new home, unexplainable events began to unfold. Emma’s childhood was like no other. Her ability to see and hear spirits was enhanced when residing with the ghosts from the past.

After leaving high school in 2007, she went on to study health and social care and later was employed by a private healthcare agency as a Personal Healthcare Assistant. Despite the attempts to lead a normal life, Emma’s curiosity in the paranormal grew as she began her research for answers as to why her home held such activity. For over two years, Emma has worked alongside leading Irish paranormal groups and studied Parapsychology to gain knowledge and understanding in the field of the paranormal as well as psychic phenomena.

She has featured in TV shows, podcasts, paranormal magazines and live interviews detailing her personal experiences living in Sharon Rectory. As the paranormal is a growing interest for many, Emma has held numerous events such as paranormal investigations and historical tours within the spectacular Georgian rectory.

Emma visits with Talking Weird to talk about her haunted life and her new book THE HAUNTING OF SHARON RECTORY.

The Haunting of Sharon Rectory is available here:

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