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Talking Weird

The Paranormal... UFOs... Monsters... Mysteries... From a cabin deep in the North Woods, it's TALKING WEIRD, with your hosts Dr Dean Bertram and Jenn Dorrell. Join us for insightful, strange, spooky & fun conversations with fantastic guests every episode.

Aug 11, 2021

Johnny Henderson is founder and director of the Cryptid Studies Institute. Born in the foothills of Appalachia, he grew up hearing the tales of Sasquatch and the supernatural, which instilled his curiosity to search out these beings and others. When he is not out in the field, he is a part-time speaker and preacher who specializes in creation, evolution, and dinosaurs. Elijah Henderson is co-owner of the Cryptid Studies Institute. He is the host of the YouTube series Nightmare Nuggets of Cryptid Terror, and has been engaged in cryptozoology since 2002. When he is not editing or creating the latest Nightmare Nugget, he enjoys active field research.

Johnny and Elijah visit with the show to chat about their ongoing investigations into the werewolf/Dogman creature known as the Beast of LBL (the Best of Land Between the Lakes), relict dinosaurs, and more!

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