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Talking Weird

The Paranormal... UFOs... Monsters... Mysteries... From a cabin deep in the North Woods, it's TALKING WEIRD, with your hosts Dr Dean Bertram and Jenn Dorrell. Join us for insightful, strange, spooky & fun conversations with fantastic guests every episode.

Jul 13, 2020

Kenney W. Irish author, explorer, and researcher from the New York Bigfoot Society, joins Dean and Jenn to chat about his latest book FOLKLORE FRANKENSTEINS. The fascinating conversation looks at Sasquatch reports in various states across the US, as well as other cryptids: including Lake Camplain's “Champ”, Dogmen, and Mothman. The discussion also examines Native American folklore, as well as some famous historical Bigfoot encounters, and alternative theories as to what some of these beings might be.

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