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Apr 19, 2021

Robert C. Robinson served in the United States Army as an Airborne Military Policeman for 21 years. Rob has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Everest University and an associate degree in General Studies from Central Texas College and is a certified PADI wreck diver.

As a boy, Robert visited Loch Ness in 1975 with his family, but his first real legend trip was investigating MoMo, the Missouri monster. Rob has filmed segments on the Florida Skunk Ape for PBS’s “Weird Florida: On the Road Again,” “Monsters and Mysteries of America,” and “Bigfoot in America” on Destination America channel. In 2010 Rob and his family appeared in the TV show “Wife Swap” as the monster-hunting family.

Along with Bigfoot and other cryptids, Robert also investigates haunted places, UFO, buried treasure, and mysterious places. Robert is an active member of the following groups; MFON, The International Cryptozoology Society, the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, The Ghost Club, the International UFO museum, and the World Explorers Club. He is also the Florida representative for the North American Dogman Project. Robert is an investigator and member of the UFO Hunters of America.
Robert has had the privilege of speaking at the 2016 International Cryptozoology Conference, the Mothman Festival, the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, Cryptid Con, South Florida Paranormal Conference, and the Hocking Hills Bigfoot Conference.
Robert has written for numerous magazines to include Paranormal Investigators Magazine, Cryptid Culture magazine. The 2016 International Cryptozoology Society Journal published his research into the Florida Skunk Ape legend. He currently writes articles and the Cryptid Corner column for the World Explorers magazine.

Robert published his book Legend Tripping: The Ultimate Adventure in 2016. He wrote the chapter on the Florida Skunk Ape in Wood Knocks Vol 3. His most recent book is International Legend Tripping: Adventure Outside the Box. Adventures Unlimited Press publishes both books.

He visits with Talking Weird to talk about his books, and his many legend trips!

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