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Talking Weird

The Paranormal... UFOs... Monsters... Mysteries... From a cabin deep in the North Woods, it's TALKING WEIRD, with your hosts Dr Dean Bertram and Jenn Dorrell. Join us for insightful, strange, spooky & fun conversations with fantastic guests every episode.

Aug 21, 2020

Shannon LeGro is an author, publisher, and acclaimed host of the popular INTO THE FRAY podcast, as well as the host of two Small Town Monsters' series: ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT and ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS. She joins Dean and Jenn to chat about her latest spine-tingling book (co-written by USA Today Bestselling author G. Michael Hopf) BEYOND THE FRAY: PARAMALGAMATION.


The enthralling conversation winds through the darkened labyrinth of the paranormal and anomalous: Traveling from mysterious “Missing 411” type disappearances and the sinister sounding Randonautica app, through the ideas of Charles Fort and John Keel, to shadow people, vampires, wendigos, fae and elementals. They also discuss the often overlooked psychological ramifications that an encounter with the unknown can entail. This week's episode is a fascinating, fun, and bizarre ride!


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