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Talking Weird

The Paranormal... UFOs... Monsters... Mysteries... From a cabin deep in the North Woods, it's TALKING WEIRD, with your hosts Dr Dean Bertram and Jenn Dorrell. Join us for insightful, strange, spooky & fun conversations with fantastic guests every episode.

Nov 5, 2021

Vincent Richardson is the founder of the St.Louis Missouri based paranormal investigation group Minds Eye P.I. established in 2009. He has been lead investigator on local cases helping clients understand and deal with their personal paranormal experiences for 10+ years. Growing up in a 100 year old haunted home and having a near death experience as a young man introduced Vincent into the realm of the paranormal.

Now Vincent is a Fortean Researcher and member of Lon Strickler's Fortean Research Team for Phantoms and Monsters. Vincent is also a Producer and Community Manager for the paranormal YouTube channel Beyond Explanation. Co-Producing shows with Bill Fuller such as Amy Bue’s WILD BUE YONDER, The Catskills Appalachian Research Collective’s FROM BEHIND TALL TREES, Jack Cary’s PARANORMAL PLANET and ARCANE RADIO with Lon Strickler. Vincent is also the forensic sketch artist for the North American Dogman Project and is a sketch artist for paranormal sightings of creatures and experiences. He has been an active field researcher for everything from ghosts , spirits and otherworldly entities to UFOs, EBEs, Bigfoot, and other cryptids.

Vincent visits Talking Weird to share and chat about some of his forensic sketches of Dogmen, Sasquatches, Wendigos, Mothman, other assorted cryptids and paranormal entities, along with his own paranormal experiences. The conversation also examines various paranormal theories and investigations from those proposed by John Keel to the MISSING 411 books of David Paulides. It's a fascinating and engaging episode.

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