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Talking Weird

The Paranormal... UFOs... Monsters... Mysteries... From a cabin deep in the North Woods, it's TALKING WEIRD, with your hosts Dr Dean Bertram and Jenn Dorrell. Join us for insightful, strange, spooky & fun conversations with fantastic guests every episode.

May 8, 2020

Richard Doty, retired Special Agent of the Air Force's Office of Special Investigations, joins Dean and Jenn for what might be the show's most important interview yet. Richard, the quintessential UFO insider, is infamous for his involvement in the Paul Bennewitz affair. He has also been accused of leaking and/or creating the MJ-12 documents and the Project Serpo ET exchange program story, accusations which Richard denies. However, as he discusses on this week's show, his own experiences and knowledge from Air Force intelligence work seems to confirm much of the information contained in those controversial stories. Regardless, he is a key figure in the history of modern UFO belief, and this is an episode that anyone with an interest in the subject should not miss.